Why Chant – A – Durian Brand ?

Our durian is originated from one of the most fertile areas in Thailand “Chantaburi” province which is the nation’s hub of fruit and crop production. Thus, the symbols of Chant – A – Durian mascot are a rabbit and moon as Chantaburi means “moon city” in Thai while rabbit is closely associated with moon according to Thai folklore.
A rabbit and a representation of the moon also feature on the official provincial seal of Chantaburi. Lastly, the word “Chanta” is special to us as it is the name of founder’s mother.

About our

Chant – A – Durian Orchard

Fully farmed with heart is our key driven factor to deliver highest quality of durian to the hand of consumers.

With more than 20 acres of durian orchards across Rayong and Chantaburi provinces, our farmers carefully monitor every single durian tree like their own child with non-sweeten chemicals shredded over durians.

Along with crews of farmers, our orchards also welcome lots of experts or researchers both from Japan and USA to develop durians for better quality in the future.

Our Durian

What’s Great about Chant – A – Durian?

The right taste with the right size at the right pricing is definitely found here in our Chan-A-Durian orchard especially “Mon-Thong” or “Golden Pillow” which is the most favorite breed among Thai, China, Japan and many western countries.

Even if, this breed is easy to find during the season, the perfect ones are rare to get. The greatest taste of our Mon-Thong’s pulps are derived from large with very small and flat seeds, thick, creamy, and smooth in a beautiful pale yellow color plus mild odor. Beside Mon-Thong, our orchard can also provide excellent quality of popular breeds including Chanee, Kaan Yao, and Puang-Manee.


Our Certifications

Chant-A-Durian brand has been operated under a parent company which meets both international food certifications including GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices). These assurances certify that our durians are produced, packed, handled and stored safely under the manufacture that complies with necessary regulatory.

How our Chant – A – Durian delivered?

We are pride with our high quality of durians at affordable prices and delivered right to your doorstep within the same day through LINE@ or IG Chantadurian starting from March onwards. Our Chant – A – Durian customers will enjoy delicious taste, freshness and quality guaranteed. Those who are interested to purchase a wholesale volume of our durians directly from the orchard, please feel free to contact through our

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